Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Post #3

Technology in Special Education

Stephanie Tyler introduced this video( Technology in Special Education), I really enjoyed this video because I want to be a Special Education teacher and this really helps me be able to understand how I should teach my students. Technology is a great way to help children with special needs be able to keep up with their work and be able to communicate with other people. Children seem to learn better with technology and are able to understand more when they see it in front of them and it be explained in detail in front of them.

Technology will eventually be the only thing used in schools and work places, so it is good to start students using them early on in life. Students with special needs can get programs on their computers, such as magnify text, that will help aid them in learning. Magnify text makes the text size on the computer and in their textbook as large as the student needs it to be. There are many more programs like this one that can help students with special needs and it can even help students and adults without special needs.

Stephanie Tyler also introduced this video "How the Ipad Works with Academics for Autism."( How the Ipad Works with Academics for Autism) This video was really interesting being able to watch because it shows Braden learning to use his motor skills, learn his numbers, and learn to write. There are so many apps out there that can help aid children with Autism and other special needs. These apps are sometimes free and sometimes cost, but usually are no more then $2.00. Children with special needs seem to learn better with these apps, then they did with pen and paper or a parent/teach trying to help them learn certain things.

The app I chose is Jr BINGO. This app teaches kids with or without special needs how to distinguish between the letters, shapes, and colors. This app also helps them learn the alphabet and the numbers up to 100. The child can choose between two different ways to play. The first game they can choose is called Practice. This uses flash cards to help them learn the numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. After they practice they can then play BINGO. This part of the game calls out the numbers, letters, colors, and shapes and they play BINGO. This app costs $0.99.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This chart was created by Gary Hayes and it amazes me! ( Gary’s Social Media Chart

) I cannot believe how many people all over the world do those things every second. I knew that the internet was a huge part of daily life, but I never realized how important and how many people used the internet and uploaded things on the internet every second. This chart was definitely a surprise to me.

I know I use the internet a lot. I have a facebook, a twitter, and a blog but I never realized how many people used these things every second of the day. The internet has now become a big part of everyone's life in the U.S. and other countries. People can now use the internet to do anything. People can use the internet to do anything, such as; learn how to do something, watch videos, listen to music, and go on social sites.

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

Michael Wesch introduced this video, it is a product of Kansas State University. ( Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

) This video proves that most the times in classes that the students do not pay attention. They are either listening to music, on facebook, or they read something else. I am surprised at how many people pay for college classes, and do not attend their class or classes. I know I am sometimes guilty of this and I always get aggravated at myself for not going because I am paying for my classes, so why would I not go.

I know I like hybrid classes much better then classes that I go to everyday. I like being able to go to class some of the time and the other time doing my work on the internet. Sitting in a lecture class can get so boring and you are so temped to check your phone or check your social networks, that you usually do not hear half of the lecture. People's brain cannot comprehend an hour lecture at one time. For me hybrid classes are the best way to get the most out of my classes, because I can do my work on my own time and make sure I understand what I am doing.


  1. Good job. Keep relating these videos and sources to special education. Not all of them will be about teaching special children but they will definitely be helpful if you are able to modify!

  2. Hi Candace, first of all I'd like to say I really like your blog in general. You are much more creative than I am, and I enjoy seeing the way you do things. The social media count also surprised me. Like you said, we use the things daily, but we never stop to realize how many other people do also. The numbers are truly astounding.