Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post #5

Scott McLeod

Dr. Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership. He works at the University of Kentucky. He is the Founding Director of UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. Did You Know (Shift Happens) is a wildly recognized video that Dr. McLeod is a co-creator of. He is a big advocate of technology in classrooms.

I completely agree with Dr. McLeod. Technology is used more and more everyday, and it should be used by children. In my opinion, sarcasm is a good way to get your point across. It makes people stop and think about what you say and what you mean. Technology is a great way to teach children and to help them learn. Children are so good with technology that they should be used in classrooms and at home. I also believe that as educators we should monitor what children are doing on the internet, because not everything and everyone on the internet is/are good.

Blog Post #5

ISchool Initiative

Travis Allen's video is called The ISchool Initiative. This video talks about a thing called ISchool. ISchool is a way to save students, teachers, and schools money. A student will spend approximately $150 on an IPhone (maybe even less now), opposed to approximately $600 without ISchool. The applications that were talked about in this video such as; Graphing Calculator, Chemical Touch, and U.S Constitution (there are many more, this is just a couple options). Getting these applications allows the students to save money and to be able to use these applications hands-on. ISchool is another video done by Travis. This video explains how that his ISchool has become well known and that there are schools in California that have adopted ISchool for their schools.

I absolutely love this idea! School can get so expensive for the students, teachers, and the schools. ISchool is an awesome way to cut back on the costs of books, paper, ink cartridges, markers/chalk, and projectors. I know as a student and one day an educator that cost of school is very expensive, and anyway to save money is an awesome thing! I hope when I become a teacher that my school will either be using ISchool or be thing about adopting ISchool, if not I will definitely show this website to the principal of the school I am teaching at.

Virtual Choir

This video was founded by Jennifer Chambers. It is a bunch of people from all over the world performing Lux Aurumque. The interesting thing is that these people do not know each other and they have never performed together. This video is really interesting to me, because I never thought about all the people on youtube singing the same song and posting it on the internet. This video shows that we may look different from each other, but we all have more similarities then we realize. I think this is an awesome way to show how much people across the world are alike.

Teaching in the 21st Century

This video was done by Kevin Roberts called Teaching in the 21st Century. Kevin Roberts expresses in his video that teaching without technology is not a good idea, because students should use technology to answer questions and to learn more. I agree with Kevin Roberts' idea about teaching in the 21st century, because I believe that students learn information better when they do if a teacher is telling them the information. I feel that he is correct in that technology will become a huge part of schools, and as an educator I will use technology. I think technology is a wonderful to learn new things.

Reading Rockets

Top 12 Comprehension Applications is the first resource that I chose. I really love this application because I want to be a second grade teacher and this resource shows many different ways to help teach a young child to read and write. There are, in the resource, the top 12 applications to use to help a young child learn. These applications are cheap and are easy to use. Children seem to love being able to interact with the applications by games and other activities. When they win the game they get to advance to the next level. I love this because I love the idea of using technology in the classroom and allowing the student to interact on the internet or with an application.

The next resource I chose was Reading 101. This resource gives ten reasons why young children have problems reading. The reasons children have problems learning to read are print awareness, the sounds of speech, phonemic awareness, phonics, informal assessment, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, writing and comprehension. This resource goes into detail about how to help the student be able to learn to read easily. I love this resource because every child learns differently and have different problems, and this tells you how to help these students.