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C4K #3

A story by story cube by anna

This blog was written by Anna. Anna wrote a short story about a boy named Plop. Plop went to see his ill grandmother one day, but before he got to his grandmother's house he was abducted by aliens. I thought this story was cute and really exciting! I love reading kids stories. I commented tell Anna what an amazing job she did on her short story and I encouraged her to continue writing.

Once there was a boy called Plop.Plop was 11 year old,his father dead and his grandma was ill because his father dead.So Plop’s mom told him to give some food to is grandma,and he did.

At first,Plop didn’t know the door wasn’t locked,and he’s knocking the door,but his grandma was too ill to stand up,and she said.”Oh!Plop dear,I can’t stand up,just open the door,I didn’t lock it.”

Plop try to open it but just befor he going in,an UFO fell off from the sky and fall front of Plop and blast him away.

When he felling,he grab on a tree and …fell down from the tree.The good thing is he’s not dead but he’s crying because he break his finger on a branch and he go home with his mom.

Hi Anna,

My name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I loved your story! I did not expect the UFO to show up, it was a wonderful way to keep the reader on the edge of their seat! You should definitely keep up the amazing writing!

Keep up the amazing work,

C4K #3


The next blog I commented on was Iorn's. Iorn is a fifth grade student from Iowa. The blog I chose to comment on was this blog about the book "Ranger's Apprentice." Iorn explains the book in this blog. I loved how he ended his blog by saying, " He is curious about his past and wants to follow his fathers footsteps. But, when he’s not chosen for Battle School he’s doomed to be a farmer when . . . . Read the book to find out what happens next." I told Iorn that I thought this was an awesome way to end his blog, because it will make the reader interested in what happens next. I really enjoyed reading Iorn's blog, and I told him what an amazing job he is doing.

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Do you know a lot about RANGER’S APPRENTICE (RA) ? RA is AWESOME! The story is in the past. You should read it.It’s about this boy named Will his mother died giving birth and his father died a hero, and he lives with foster parents. He is curious about his past and wants to follow his fathers footsteps. But, when he’s not chosen for Battle School he’s doomed to be a farmer when . . . . Read the book to find out what happens next.

Dear Iorn,

Hi, my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I have never read the book Ranger’s Apprentice (RA), but after reading your blog I want to! I love to read any type of book. I would have to say it is one of my favorite things to do, and by reading this I can tell that you also like to read! I thought the way you ended this blog by saying, “doomed to be a farmer… Read the book to find what happens next.”, was an awesome way to get people’s attention and get them interested in reading this book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and finding out more about you! Keep up the amazing work!



C4T #3

Quality Commenting - Student Guest Post by Zoe M.

This post by Mrs. Langwitch is about a student who writes a blog post about writing blogs and comments on blogs. This is a student in her fourth grade class named Zoe. Zoe's write an incredible blog post about how you should and should not comment on another person's blog. She also gives tips on how to better your blogs and your comments. I loved reading this blog, but it shows that blogs are becoming more and more common.

I invite few guest bloggers to share posts on Langwitches.

This makes it especially rewarding to be able to present to my readers an incredible young lady. Zoe is growing by leaps and bounds as a blog writer and commenter. She is a fourth grader at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and is taking part in an International Action Research currently underway between four blogging classrooms (USA,Thailand, Switzerland, Czech Republic). The following post is a wonderful testimonial to her understanding of blog commenting as a form of communication and learning.

I am honored to be able to share Zoe’s post, since I believe many, including grown-up blogging newbies, will benefit from her advice.

How to Make A Quality Comment by Zoe

When you comment on my blog I want your comments to be memorable. I want them to represent you, so even if I don’t know you, I will feel as if I do.When you comment on a blog you want it to be unique. To make it a quality comment it has to have fancy words such as instead of writing, “That is a pretty butterfly.”which is what 1st graders could do ,write” What a lovely butterfly! I love how its wings are all sparkly. I would enjoy it if you could teach me how. Did you know that a butterfly’s wing is its most fragile part?” That already is a better comment. To make a comment better, add on to the post, writing a new bit of information, it makes it a quality comment. Also, links help, if you find a website that has something to do with the topic someone is blogging about, put the link. Here is how you put a link on your blog:

That is how you make a quality comment.

Hi, my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading this post! When I started my EDM310 class, it was the first time I had ever blogged or commented on another persons blog. I did not really do a whole lot at first, but lately I have been really been commenting and blogging more and more. Reading what Zoe had to say about commenting makes me even more determined to write the best comments and blogs that I can. Thank you for your time.


Action Research- Quadblogging Trailer

This blog is another post by Mrs. Langwitch. This post is also about blogs, and quality writing. This blog post has a video explaining how the International Action Research team is teaching "Quality Writing through Blogging" throughout the world. I love this, and I think this is a great way to improve students writing skills.

If you are interested in following the blogs of the International Action Research teams on “Quality Writing through Blogging”, take a look at the following trailer and visit the classroom and student blogs to see for yourself the progress they are making, draw your own conclusions about blogging with students.
If so inclined, you can support our students by modeling quality commenting and reminding them that they do indeed have a global audience. Their writing matters!

Team USA-
Team Thailand-
Team Czech Republic-
Team Switzerland-

Hi, my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I love this and I feel that this is a wonderful way to share blogs across the world. I feel that this is something that is a great way to let the students become networked with other students across the world. Thank you for your time!


C4T #3

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year (2008-09)

This blog was written by Mr. Joe McClung. This blog is about Mr. McClung's first year as a teacher. I really enjoyed reading this blog, because this helps students when they become teachers for the first time. I feel better when I read something that lets me know that I am not the only person who is scared and nervous about teaching for the first time. I loved how he says that teachers should communicate with their students and other teachers. Communication is a huge way to express how you feel and to get to know people. If you become friends with other teachers, then if you have a question you have someone you can talk to. When you communicate with your students, then they do the best they can in your class. I know with me the more I like the teacher, the more time I spend on that particular class. When I become a teacher I want my students to know that they can come and talk to me and know that I will listen to what they have to say.

Mr. McClung also talks about how teachers never stop learning. I believe this is very true and a good thing. A teacher should always be learning new things, because your student is doing the same thing. The way technology is today, there is no reason for anyone not to learn something new everyday! My favorite part of this blog post is when Mr. McClung says, "You may be the only person that does. Below is an example of a answer that one of my students listed on their end of the year survey that really spoke to me: I know my teacher cares about me as a person when he. - Listens to what I say." This really makes me what to be a teacher like Mr. McClung. I want my students to say that I listen to them and that I help them in anyway that I can.

What I learned this Year (2010-11)

This blog was also written by Mr. McClung. I also really enjoyed reading this blog. This blog is about Mr. McClung's fourth year of teaching. He talks about how teachers should not get comfortable, they should always be finding ways to change up the way they teach. Not all students learn the same way, so as a teacher you will have to be able to explain something in many different ways. He also talks about how as a teacher you should have a goal set for your students, but you should not scold them for not meeting your expectations. Mr. McClung says to not make your goal for your student's unreachable. We as teachers should lift our students spirits when they fail, not break them down.

Mr. McClung also talks about helping your students, without doing the work for them. I know I am bad about this. When someone asks me how to do something, it is so much easier to just do it yourself then to explain how to do it. This is something that I am trying not to do, because this will only hurt my students in the long run. My favorite part of this blog is how he says that it is okay to be the outsider. I loved how Mr. McClung eats lunch with his students and acts like his students. I love being around kids, and I will even admit that I act like them sometimes. I hope that I will be a teacher just like Mr. McClung!

Blog Post #9

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project #11

Blog Post #8

The Schools of Tomorrow

Richard E. Miller explains his views on writing in these videos. He believes that writing is the best way for a person to communicate. He is a big reader, which he learned from a young age. Richard Miller talks about how now students use their computers to write their papers and that they do not even need to use the library. The reason they do not have to use a library or a book, is because they can use the internet to search anything they need to.

These videos are really interesting, because they show how things have evolved due to technology. Now people can email each other their work and can have them view certain links or just simply print the document. Having all this information at your disposal is a great way to learn more about the past, future, and the present.

I am a huge advocate of technology! I feel it is something everyone should know and be familiar with. I think that it is so cool how easy it is to search something on the internet. You can make anything you want on a computer and have people from all over the world view it.

Carly Pugh's Project #12

This blog was written by Carly Pugh. This blog comes really close to what Dr. Miller had to say. I think this is one of the coolest things I have seen! I would love to try and incorporate this into my classroom as a teacher. I think it is a great way to get to know your students and to allow your students to get to know you. This was extremely well thought out and the directions were very well explained.

Chipper this video talks about all the problems people have with EDM310. This video shows why being on time and doing your work on time is going to help you when you become a teacher. EDM 310 for Dummies is a video about a book for EDM310. I really enjoyed both of these videos. I relate to both of these videos. I am a huge procrastinator like Chipper, and I get frustrate with all the work like EDM 310 for Dummies.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

Watching this video makes sad. It is really sad that students learn more outside of school, then they do in school. I know when I was in high school, and even now in college, I will Google answers to questions that I do not know. I want to incorporate "networking" into my classroom, so that my students can connect globally with students and teachers all over the world. If my students are not mature enough to do this, then I will definitely do "networking" as a teacher. This way I will have the help and see what other teachers are doing all over the world. I really enjoyed watching this video, because it makes me think about how important a teacher is in a student's life.

Web 2.0

The video tool that I have never used is called Digimi. On this website you can make yourself into an avatar. I have never seen anything like this or tried anything like this. It was really easy and fun! You can upload a picture of yourself and build your avatar that way or make an avatar from scratch. This is a great site if you are not good on computers.

Edmodo is a way for teachers and students to communicate on the internet. This website is like Facebook/Twitter, it allows a way for teachers and students to communicate with each other and to communicate with other teachers or students from all over the world. I really like this website and I feel that it is a wonderful way to communicate with your students as a teacher.

Blog #8

Project #12

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

C4T #2

Dianne Krause

Dianne Krause is a Technology Staff Development Specialist and Classrooms for the Future coach. She provides professional development, assistance and support for the faculty of the Wissahickon School District. Before she became a CFF coach, she was a French teacher.

The first blog I posted on was Daily Digital Discoveries 02/21/2012. This post was about 10 Podcasts for Teachers and Kids. She explains how cheap and easy it is to watch or listen to podcasts. I commented telling her that I agree with her about how fun and easy podcasts are and I told her that I enjoyed watching and listening to the 10 Podcasts for Teachers and Kids that she recommended.

What! A podcast? I know what you’re thinking. Sounds complicated. Sounds expensive. Sounds, well, technical. The truth is, listening to podcasts or watching videocasts in your classroom couldn’t be easier—or cheaper. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you already have all the equipment you need.

Candace Says:
Mrs. Krause,

Hi, my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I completely agree with you about podcasting. I believe that podcasting is a great way to teach students and to have them interact with learning. I enjoyed reading and listening to the podcast’s that you linked to your blog, there were very interesting and fun to listen to. Thank you for your time.


C4T #2

The second blog of Mrs. Krause's that I commented on was Daily Digital Discoveries 03/06/2010. This post was about posting slideshows on your Facebook, Twitter and blogs(PhotoSnack | Photo slideshow maker). I commented thanking her for posting this, because I have seen people with slideshows on their Facebook and Twitter accounts but I did not know how to do it.

“Slideshows for Facebook, Twitter and blogs”

tags: slideshow photos web2.0 photosharing

Dear Mrs. Krause,

Hi, my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I want to thank you for posting this because I am a huge Facebook and Twitter fan and I have seen people with slideshows on theirs, but I never knew how. I love learning new stuff! Thank you for your time!


C4T #2

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student

This video was extremely interesting to watch, because I am experiencing this now in my college classes. I never really thought about being a networked student, but after watching this video I realize I am. I definitely like the hybrid classes, because I feel I learn more by teaching myself instead of having a teacher lecture from the PowerPoint or from a textbook. I do agree with the message of this video, but I wonder if it will work for all ages? I want to teach second or third grade Special Education, and I am not sure if they will be able to search learning tools they will need for the class.

Watching this video makes me want to teach older students, so I can incorporate this into my lesson plans. I love the idea of the students finding more information on the internet, and networking with students from all over the world. Students and teachers can learn so much from the internet. I know me personally I Google everything! The internet is an awesome way to learning something you did not know, refresh your memory of something, or even learn more about a specific subject.

The main question asked about a "Networked Student" is "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" I believe the reason you have a teacher is the same reason you have one who does not teach you to be a networked student, because they are there to help the student with anything. If a student did not have a teacher and was told to learn a subject and was stuck on a specific question, who would they ask? They could Google it, but that is not always reliable. There has to be a teacher there to help in situations like this. Teachers help their students, even if the student does not want to admit it.

Blog Post #7

A Seventh Grader's PLE

I have never heard of Personal Learning Environment (PLE), until I watched this video. I found this extremely interesting and I wish we would have done this when I was in middle school! I think it is so neat that she has all of her websites on one page for her Science class. She can share those links, or revisit them to study for a test. I really would love to do this with my class, even if I do it and use a SmartBoard to show my students. I think this is an awesome way to be organized for school and work. Her PLE and my PLN are basically the same, except her's is used to help her with her science class, and mine is going to be used to help contact people who can help me be the best teacher I can be and hopefully help me get a teaching job.

Project 9B TimeToast

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Randy Pausch's video named Achieving Your Childhood Dreams is very inspirational. It's people like Randy Pausch that makes me want to be the best teacher I can possibly be. There are three "themes" in this video, and they are: Randy Pausch's dreams, helping others enable their dreams, and lessons learned. This video is a wonderful video that proves that Randy Pausch loved being a teacher and helping students learn in a fun way. After watching this video I will strive to be a teacher like Pausch because he seems to love teaching and his students. As an education major these are things that I strive for myself when I become a teacher.

One thing that Pausch mentions in this video is "have something to bring to the table." This is a very true when trying to be a good teacher. As an educator you have to be able to bring something to the table, because if not you will not be the best educator you can be. A teacher that goes the extra mile will gain the respect of the students and will have students that will want to learn.

Another thing we as educators should do is to make learning fun. As a student I definitely agree with Pausch on this statement. Sitting in a classroom where a teacher reads from the power-point or reads straight from the textbook is very boring; but when you have the student learn on their own or have fun games to help them learn they seem to be more into learning. The way technology is today there is no reason not to make learning more fun for your students. If we as teachers are teaching our students something hard; and we incorporate fun ways to learn it, then our students will most likely learn it without complain about how hard it is.

My favorite thing that Randy Pausch talked about in this video was, "Brick walls are there for a reason." Brick walls are there to stop the ones who really do not want something badly from the ones who truly want it. I know I have came to many brick walls, that I could have just stop there and moved on to something new, but I have to make myself keep going because in the end I knew it would be worth it. This is a great thing to teach students because (even if we do not want to admit it) life is hard and throws you many curve balls. Telling your students this will help them in the long run, because they know that even though things are hard they can make it through this. I really loved that he incorporated this into his lecture, it is very inspirational!

I absolutely loved this video! Randy Pausch seemed to be an amazing teacher, and during the video I thought to myself that I wanted to be in his Virtual Education class. I enjoyed how he used real life examples to explain his reasoning for his themes, and to get his point across. I feel that people who feel that their life is terrible, their is nothing they can do about it, and they are down in the dumps should watch this video and see that just because life is not going the way you want it to does not mean that you should crawl up in a ball and cry. Pausch is a great example of someone who hit a brick wall, but kept going for his family and friends. I will say this video made me tear up when he had the audience sing Happy Birthday to his wife, that was so sweet! I loved everything about this video and would definitely recommend this video to anyone!

Blog Post #6

C4K #2


Darnell is an eighth grader. The blog post I chose to write on was "Why I Write". He gives many reasons as to why he likes to write. One of the reasons why he likes to read is because it is a way for him to communicate. I commented back to him telling him that I completely agreed with him on why he should write. Writing is a great way to express how you feel and to expand your vocabulary. I enjoyed reading his blog and told him to keep up the great work!

Why I Write
I write because writing is what got me to Eight grade and writing is one way of communicating. When the world didn't have cell-phones or computers writing was the best way to connect with other family members that lived out of town. The reason why people write is because its an easier way to get something out of your body.

Hello Darnell,

My name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I definitely agree with you on why you should write. Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself and to expand you vocabulary. I really enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work!



Gulick is the next kids blog that I posted on. He is in the fourth grade. The blog I chose to comment on was his blog about his SIX pets. He names all his pets. He has two dogs, two goats, and two frogs. I commented on his blog telling him that I was also a huge animal fan myself, and I told him about my three pets. I also told him I enjoyed reading his blog and for him to keep up the great work.

My kidblog is about my pets. Most people have one or two pets, well I have six. I have two dogs, (Sofi and Sioux) two frogs (Man-O-War and Seabuiscut witch are my pets) and two goats (Prim and Luna.

Sofi is a Cavapoo Sioux is a black Lab. Prim is a LaMancha/Pygmi and Luna is a Sanaan. Man-O-War and seabuiscut …well I don’t really know wat they are.

Prim is almost one and luna is almost one.Sofi is two and Sioux is eight. Then my frogs are both about two.

Well those are my pets.

Dear Gulick,

My name is Candace Buzbee, and I am a student in EMD 310 at the University of South Alabama. I am a huge animal fan myself. I have two dogs and a cat. My dogs names are Natalie and Boatie, and my cats name is Prissy. I really enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work!




Reece is a student is Mrs. Garcia's class. Reece's blog was about Mardi Gras. Reece tells many traditions participated in during Mardi Gras. One of the traditions is to eat King Cake. I commented tell Reece that I attend Mardi Gras every year and I love going. I told Reece that there was some things they commented in there blog that I did not know about Mardi Gras. I learned new things from Reece that I did not know, like the colors of Mardi Gras mean something.

Its Mardis Gras the day people give up something they like. The colors of Mardis Gras are purple green and gold each color means something purple means justice green means faith and gold stands for power.There’s another thing called king cake and they would put a plastic baby in the cake and who ever gets it would have to buy the next king cake.They also do a dance called 2nd line tradition marda .They also have football,and a type of cup.They have parades what last a long time and they also throw beads out in to the crowd.They also have as much as 800 million pounds of garbage.Beans means good luck.A million visitors come to the Mardis Gras . Mardis Gras is a huge celebration.

Dear Reece,

Hi my name is Candace Buzbee and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I live in Mobile, Alabama and Mardi Gras is also a big thing here, and it is something I have been around my entire life. I never knew that the colors meant something, and this was very interesting to find out. King cake is very good to eat. I enjoy catching the beads that are thrown during Mardi Gras. Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade? I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about Mardi Gras then I already knew! Keep up the amazing work!


C4K #2