Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

In this blog I was suppose to not use technology for 24 hours. I really tried to do this, but I was unsuccessful. This was a really bad week, with finals coming up and final projects due it was just to hard to not use technology. Most of my classes are hybrid classes, which means that I have to use the internet. I use an e-reader for my classes, so I had to use technology throughout the whole week. So therefore, I decided that it was impossible for me to not use technology during the week; so I decided to try and do this assignment on the weekend.

When I tried to do this assignment this weekend, I hit a bump. I could not do it on Saturday, because I was filming mine and Kasey's final project for our EDM310 class. This changed my plan of not using technology. There is no way that I could have done it on Sunday, considering that this post is due at midnight. I tried multiple times to successfully fulfill this assignment, but there was no way that I could.

In doing this assignment, I found out that I use technology more then I thought. Technology has become so important in everyday life, that it is almost impossible (at least for me) to not use it. I believe that the students in my classroom will be constantly using technology. They will (for the most part) all have cell phones, computers, and now SMARTBoards are being used in the classroom; so there is no way to avoid using technology. Students, in my opinion, use technology just about every minute of every day. This assignment really opened my eyes to how important technology really is. No matter how hard you might try to avoid it, technology is everywhere.

Blog Post #13

SMARTBoard Lesson Plan

Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Report on PLN

I had never heard of a PLN or PLE until this class, but I love it! I have added quite a few more tiles to my PLN since the first time we had to post about our PLN. I use Symbaloo for my PLN. I love this website! I have it set as my homepage and use it for all my classes! In my opinion this is one of my favorite tools that I learned about this year!

C4T #4

Jennifer Brokofsky

Purposeful Practice

This post is about practice in schools. Jennifer Brokofsky says that practice is not only used in sports or dancing, it is great in the classroom. She say that students should "practice" what they are learning, in order for them to learn it and remember it in the future. She also says to not expect your students to be "perfect". No one is "perfect", so do not give your students goals that they cannot obtain. She also says that practice is not a "one time thing", it should be done everyday. I commented telling her how much I agree with her post. I believe that practice is the best way to learn how to do anything. May it be in school, sports, or even dance.

The Mad Minute

The second post I commented on was "The Mad Minute". This post was about a math quiz that Jennifer Brokofsky, when she was in school, and her students were given a minute to answer all the math problems that they could. Jennifer Brokofsky talks about how some of her students were victorious and some students were defeated. She talks about how she incorporated this into her math class, and how she wishes she did not. The reason she wishes she would not have put this is in her class is because like herself, some of her students went home feeling defeated. She says that students do not learn when they know they will be defeated, so they do not even try. She explains how she is not going to using this method anymore, she is going to try other more fun ways to teach her students. I commented telling Jennifer Brokojsky how I really enjoyed reading her blog post. It gave my ideas of ways to teach students, and ways to not teach students. I thanked her for posting this, because this blog shows that teachers are not perfect. I really enjoyed reading that, because I am very nervous that I will mess up as a teacher. This showed me that all teachers make mistakes, and it shows that not all methods used in your first years of teaching will be the best way to teach in the future.

C4T #4

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Project Update

Kasey and I will be filming our final project Saturday the 28th. We have been communicating in person and on the phone as to how we are going to do the final project.

Final Project Update

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

I believe that schools do destroy children's creativity. Money is a big reason why creativity is taken out of schools. Due to money issues, art classes and music classes are being taken out of the curriculum. This is how students express their creativity, but now they cannot do that. I believe that art classes and/or music classes are a wonderful way to bring creativity back into the curriculum. Students can express themselves creatively as well as learn new things. Teachers play a big part in creating curiosity for their students. At the end of every day, before the bell rings to be dismissed, the teacher could give the student's a question to research for homework. This way students have to look up the answer on "Google" it. This way they will learn more information then they already knew. I am the person that "Google's" everything. I believe a way to make more people curious is to give them a reason to be. An example would be to use words that is not often used. I know when I hear or read a word that I do not know I "Google" it.

Special Post #12A

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blog Post #12

1. Watch this video about a Special Education teacher at James Hubert Blake High School: A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher. Discuss this video and your reactions (Do you agree or dis-agree with her ways of teaching) in two paragraphs. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog.

2. Watch this video by Amy Vogelsang about Teaching Special Education. Discuss how you would incorporate/change your lesson plans around if you have a student with special needs in your class. Do you agree with her methods about technology? Explain for or against it. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog.

A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher

I loved this video! It shows a day in a Special Education class at James Hubert Blake High School. I want to be a Special Education teacher and watching this video makes me extremely excited about my choice! The teacher,Emily Luedtke, in this video was a first time teacher, which proves to me that I can be a great teacher even in my first year of teaching. In this video, you can really see that she loves her job and would not trade it for anything else. She arrives at 6:15 in the morning, and does not leave until around 5:00 or 5:30 at night. She coaches track, which proves that she wants to spend as much time with her students as possible.

I found it really interesting that Emily Luedtke took her students to the grocery store, because some teachers would not "waste" their time doing something like this. I feel that it is a wonderful way to get special needs students out of the class and learn something. Going to the grocery store they got to learn counting, communication skills, what things are, and colors. This is really something I would like to do with my students, if it is possible. I really like how she had everything that they were going to be doing that day on the board with the times. This way the students knows what to expect and what they will be doing and learning that day.

Teaching Special Education

This video is by Amy Vogelsang about Faith Vogelsang. In this video Faith Vogelsang talks about what its like being an elementary Special Education teacher. I liked the way she incorporated technology into her classroom, unlike in the previous video. She uses computers as a way to teach her students to read, write, and math skills. Faith Vogelsang also uses a SmartBoard to teach her students. I am a huge fan of technology and I will defiantly use it in my classes.

Blog Post 12

C4K April

This month I commented on Dylan's and Austin's blog, because they were participating in a world-wide blogging contest. I think that this is a great way to get students to start to write and to enjoy writing. I love this idea and I will try and incorporate this into my classroom. The last student I commented on was Serenity's video blog. I commented on two of Dylan's posts. The first post of his that I commented on was about his favorite things to do (My Cool Favourite Things I do). He loves baseball and enjoys being outdoors. The second blog I comment on of Dylan's was about himself (About Dylan K.). In this blog he talks about what he likes to do and about going fishing/camping with his grandfather. The third blog I commented on, for the world-wide blogging contest, was on Austin's. This blog was about nuclear bombs (Nuclear Bombs). I found this blog really interesting, because I learned some interesting facts about nuclear bombs. One interesting fact that I learned from Austin is, "Another affect that nuclear bombs have is that it can wipe out as far as three kilometers." This fact about nuclear bombs is something that I did not know, and I find it fascinating!

The last blog I commented on was a video blog by Serenity (Serenity's Tennis Ball Story). This is a video of Serenity explaining what she does with a tennis ball. I really enjoyed watching this video, because it was really interesting watching her learning to read. I commented on all of these blogs telling them how much I loved reading/watching their blogs. I was really impressed with all of these blogs, and would highly recommend reading/watching these blogs!

C4K April

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Post #11

Little Kids.. Big Potential

This video was really cute! I enjoyed watching this and seeing how students use technology in the classroom. The students seem to love being able to use technology in the classroom. I want to use technology in my classroom. I thought that it was really cool how they talked about EDM310 students in their video. This shows how important it is to comment on our C4Ks every week.

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy Skype Video

Ms. Cassidy is a first grade teacher from Canada, who uses technology in her classroom. I completely agree with Ms. Cassidy in that students learn better with technology, then they do with a teacher just teaching them something. I think that having the students blog is a great way for them to learn to write properly. Blogging is a great way for them to connect with other students or teachers all over the world. I believe that students learn better when they do things themselves, opposed to the teacher just telling them what and how to do it. This is also a great way for the parents to see what their child is doing in school. The parent can just get on the internet look at the class blog and read what their child has written, or watch a video that their child has done. I love this idea, because the parent does not have to go to the school to see exactly what their child has learned or is learning in class.

I feel that there will be many benefits of using technology in the classroom. The first benefit is that the students are learning. Blogging or, Skyping with a professional, is a fun way for the students to learn. Even though they think they are just having fun, in reality they are learning. Another benefit is that they are networking. Networking is a great way to meet people from all over the world. This benefits the student by allowing them to see what someone is doing, or how they write, from all over the world. The last benefit I believe is that the parents can see what their child is doing in the classroom. The parent can look at their child's blog and see what they are doing and how they have improved throughout the year. This is a great way for the parent to get involved in their child's studies, without them having to go to the school.

Blog Post #11

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post #10

Do you Teach or Do you Educate

This video really made me think. So many times teachers just teach their students how to do something, but do not educate their students as to why to do it this way. As a teacher I want to educate my students on more things then just what is in their textbooks. Students look up to their teachers as role models, and as teachers we should not just be showing students how to behave and to conduct their selves in society. I have had a couple of teachers growing up that just got in front of the class and just talked about the textbook; never taking the time to get to know their students. I do not want to be this kind of teacher. I want my students to see me as a role model and to want to do the things I do.

When I start teaching, I am going to teach and educate. I do not think that teaching is a bad thing, because the students have to learn from their textbooks. I do think that as a teacher, we should further that textbook learning and educate our students on how to use these tools in the future. The skills students are learning in school, should be used when they get in college or get a job. I feel that if a student can use the skills properly in college or a work place, then they were properly educated.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

This blog was written by Mr. Johnson. This blog was very interesting to read. I love how he stuck up for his way of teaching and for his students. Every teacher has a different method of teaching, and this is a good thing. If every teacher taught the same way, then learning would become extremely boring. I myself like technology, but I do agree with Mr. Johnson that students should still know that they can use paper and pencil to write a paper or do homework. Mr. Johnson is expecting his student to do their homework at home, and he is also expecting that the parents will make sure that their children do their work. I think this could possibly be a good idea, but I am not so sure about the way he is doing it. He states, "I don't hold them accountable. I try and find projects that keep them interested. But if they choose to play Hang Man or go on the pen pal networks, I'm okay with it. There's probably some learning that's taking place that we don't realize." I am not really sure how you will grade your students this way? If there is no grade for the students project, then why would the student do the project?

I like how Mr. Johnson expects his students to think! I know some of my teachers gave me the questions and the answers to my test and I had no reason to study or even think. I do not want to do this when I become a teacher, I want my students to learn on their own. Learning can be fun and interesting! Mr. Johnson wants his students to experience how fun learning can be. Mr. Johnson did really well presented his argument. I feel that his argument is that students can learn own their own, they do not have to be told how to do everything. Students do not have to have technology to do their work, they can use a pencil and paper. Mr. Johnson is not worried about his students getting a lower grade on their test scores, just because they do their projects at home or own their own. I like this because it shows that he believes in his students. I feel that he did extremely well arguing his point.

Blog Post 10