Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Do you Teach or Do you Educate

This video really made me think. So many times teachers just teach their students how to do something, but do not educate their students as to why to do it this way. As a teacher I want to educate my students on more things then just what is in their textbooks. Students look up to their teachers as role models, and as teachers we should not just be showing students how to behave and to conduct their selves in society. I have had a couple of teachers growing up that just got in front of the class and just talked about the textbook; never taking the time to get to know their students. I do not want to be this kind of teacher. I want my students to see me as a role model and to want to do the things I do.

When I start teaching, I am going to teach and educate. I do not think that teaching is a bad thing, because the students have to learn from their textbooks. I do think that as a teacher, we should further that textbook learning and educate our students on how to use these tools in the future. The skills students are learning in school, should be used when they get in college or get a job. I feel that if a student can use the skills properly in college or a work place, then they were properly educated.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

This blog was written by Mr. Johnson. This blog was very interesting to read. I love how he stuck up for his way of teaching and for his students. Every teacher has a different method of teaching, and this is a good thing. If every teacher taught the same way, then learning would become extremely boring. I myself like technology, but I do agree with Mr. Johnson that students should still know that they can use paper and pencil to write a paper or do homework. Mr. Johnson is expecting his student to do their homework at home, and he is also expecting that the parents will make sure that their children do their work. I think this could possibly be a good idea, but I am not so sure about the way he is doing it. He states, "I don't hold them accountable. I try and find projects that keep them interested. But if they choose to play Hang Man or go on the pen pal networks, I'm okay with it. There's probably some learning that's taking place that we don't realize." I am not really sure how you will grade your students this way? If there is no grade for the students project, then why would the student do the project?

I like how Mr. Johnson expects his students to think! I know some of my teachers gave me the questions and the answers to my test and I had no reason to study or even think. I do not want to do this when I become a teacher, I want my students to learn on their own. Learning can be fun and interesting! Mr. Johnson wants his students to experience how fun learning can be. Mr. Johnson did really well presented his argument. I feel that his argument is that students can learn own their own, they do not have to be told how to do everything. Students do not have to have technology to do their work, they can use a pencil and paper. Mr. Johnson is not worried about his students getting a lower grade on their test scores, just because they do their projects at home or own their own. I like this because it shows that he believes in his students. I feel that he did extremely well arguing his point.

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  1. I agree with the role model idea. I do not want to be distant from my students. I would like to have a close professional relationship. It's hard educating people you do not know. I'm hoping blogs and other technologies will help me gain that bond with my students.

  2. Candace,

    I am not sure you got the sarcasm of "Tom Johnson's" blog post. Replace the word "pencil" with "computer" or "technology" and see how the blog post reads then. I agree with you about the textbooks. Teachers certainly should not throw the textbooks away, but making them more exciting would be ideal.

  3. Candace,
    I too believe that a good personal relationship with your student is a key to teaching him or her. I also believe we should be role models and teach students not only what Alabama standards say we should but, also how to assess situations and become a better person.

    In Don't Let Them take the Pencils Home I too at first thought he was talking about the use of paper and pencil in the classroom. After reading it I thought to myself how some things sounded awkward to me such as "But if they choose to play Hang Man or go on the pen pal networks, I'm okay with it". The word networks just didn't seem right to me in this post. I looked back at the top of the page and found " This post was largely influenced by Larry Ferlazzo's latest post and my own experience with 1:1 computing and my friend Javi's experience with a Parent University." After following this link I realized he was not talking about pencils but, computers/technology. You should check it out.
    Keep up the good blogging!