Monday, April 16, 2012

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1. Watch this video about a Special Education teacher at James Hubert Blake High School: A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher. Discuss this video and your reactions (Do you agree or dis-agree with her ways of teaching) in two paragraphs. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog.

2. Watch this video by Amy Vogelsang about Teaching Special Education. Discuss how you would incorporate/change your lesson plans around if you have a student with special needs in your class. Do you agree with her methods about technology? Explain for or against it. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog.

A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher

I loved this video! It shows a day in a Special Education class at James Hubert Blake High School. I want to be a Special Education teacher and watching this video makes me extremely excited about my choice! The teacher,Emily Luedtke, in this video was a first time teacher, which proves to me that I can be a great teacher even in my first year of teaching. In this video, you can really see that she loves her job and would not trade it for anything else. She arrives at 6:15 in the morning, and does not leave until around 5:00 or 5:30 at night. She coaches track, which proves that she wants to spend as much time with her students as possible.

I found it really interesting that Emily Luedtke took her students to the grocery store, because some teachers would not "waste" their time doing something like this. I feel that it is a wonderful way to get special needs students out of the class and learn something. Going to the grocery store they got to learn counting, communication skills, what things are, and colors. This is really something I would like to do with my students, if it is possible. I really like how she had everything that they were going to be doing that day on the board with the times. This way the students knows what to expect and what they will be doing and learning that day.

Teaching Special Education

This video is by Amy Vogelsang about Faith Vogelsang. In this video Faith Vogelsang talks about what its like being an elementary Special Education teacher. I liked the way she incorporated technology into her classroom, unlike in the previous video. She uses computers as a way to teach her students to read, write, and math skills. Faith Vogelsang also uses a SmartBoard to teach her students. I am a huge fan of technology and I will defiantly use it in my classes.

Blog Post 12

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