Monday, April 16, 2012

C4K April

This month I commented on Dylan's and Austin's blog, because they were participating in a world-wide blogging contest. I think that this is a great way to get students to start to write and to enjoy writing. I love this idea and I will try and incorporate this into my classroom. The last student I commented on was Serenity's video blog. I commented on two of Dylan's posts. The first post of his that I commented on was about his favorite things to do (My Cool Favourite Things I do). He loves baseball and enjoys being outdoors. The second blog I comment on of Dylan's was about himself (About Dylan K.). In this blog he talks about what he likes to do and about going fishing/camping with his grandfather. The third blog I commented on, for the world-wide blogging contest, was on Austin's. This blog was about nuclear bombs (Nuclear Bombs). I found this blog really interesting, because I learned some interesting facts about nuclear bombs. One interesting fact that I learned from Austin is, "Another affect that nuclear bombs have is that it can wipe out as far as three kilometers." This fact about nuclear bombs is something that I did not know, and I find it fascinating!

The last blog I commented on was a video blog by Serenity (Serenity's Tennis Ball Story). This is a video of Serenity explaining what she does with a tennis ball. I really enjoyed watching this video, because it was really interesting watching her learning to read. I commented on all of these blogs telling them how much I loved reading/watching their blogs. I was really impressed with all of these blogs, and would highly recommend reading/watching these blogs!

C4K April

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