Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

In this blog I was suppose to not use technology for 24 hours. I really tried to do this, but I was unsuccessful. This was a really bad week, with finals coming up and final projects due it was just to hard to not use technology. Most of my classes are hybrid classes, which means that I have to use the internet. I use an e-reader for my classes, so I had to use technology throughout the whole week. So therefore, I decided that it was impossible for me to not use technology during the week; so I decided to try and do this assignment on the weekend.

When I tried to do this assignment this weekend, I hit a bump. I could not do it on Saturday, because I was filming mine and Kasey's final project for our EDM310 class. This changed my plan of not using technology. There is no way that I could have done it on Sunday, considering that this post is due at midnight. I tried multiple times to successfully fulfill this assignment, but there was no way that I could.

In doing this assignment, I found out that I use technology more then I thought. Technology has become so important in everyday life, that it is almost impossible (at least for me) to not use it. I believe that the students in my classroom will be constantly using technology. They will (for the most part) all have cell phones, computers, and now SMARTBoards are being used in the classroom; so there is no way to avoid using technology. Students, in my opinion, use technology just about every minute of every day. This assignment really opened my eyes to how important technology really is. No matter how hard you might try to avoid it, technology is everywhere.

Blog Post #13

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