Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

I believe that schools do destroy children's creativity. Money is a big reason why creativity is taken out of schools. Due to money issues, art classes and music classes are being taken out of the curriculum. This is how students express their creativity, but now they cannot do that. I believe that art classes and/or music classes are a wonderful way to bring creativity back into the curriculum. Students can express themselves creatively as well as learn new things. Teachers play a big part in creating curiosity for their students. At the end of every day, before the bell rings to be dismissed, the teacher could give the student's a question to research for homework. This way students have to look up the answer on "Google" it. This way they will learn more information then they already knew. I am the person that "Google's" everything. I believe a way to make more people curious is to give them a reason to be. An example would be to use words that is not often used. I know when I hear or read a word that I do not know I "Google" it.

Special Post #12A

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  1. Money? Art and music are not the only subjects in which curiosity and creativity can be developed!

    What about you and curiosity and creativity?