Monday, April 23, 2012

C4T #4

Jennifer Brokofsky

Purposeful Practice

This post is about practice in schools. Jennifer Brokofsky says that practice is not only used in sports or dancing, it is great in the classroom. She say that students should "practice" what they are learning, in order for them to learn it and remember it in the future. She also says to not expect your students to be "perfect". No one is "perfect", so do not give your students goals that they cannot obtain. She also says that practice is not a "one time thing", it should be done everyday. I commented telling her how much I agree with her post. I believe that practice is the best way to learn how to do anything. May it be in school, sports, or even dance.

The Mad Minute

The second post I commented on was "The Mad Minute". This post was about a math quiz that Jennifer Brokofsky, when she was in school, and her students were given a minute to answer all the math problems that they could. Jennifer Brokofsky talks about how some of her students were victorious and some students were defeated. She talks about how she incorporated this into her math class, and how she wishes she did not. The reason she wishes she would not have put this is in her class is because like herself, some of her students went home feeling defeated. She says that students do not learn when they know they will be defeated, so they do not even try. She explains how she is not going to using this method anymore, she is going to try other more fun ways to teach her students. I commented telling Jennifer Brokojsky how I really enjoyed reading her blog post. It gave my ideas of ways to teach students, and ways to not teach students. I thanked her for posting this, because this blog shows that teachers are not perfect. I really enjoyed reading that, because I am very nervous that I will mess up as a teacher. This showed me that all teachers make mistakes, and it shows that not all methods used in your first years of teaching will be the best way to teach in the future.

C4T #4

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